Imposterhood | Step beyond Limitations

The Imposter Syndrome has become a well-recognised term.

More people are talking about it, admitting they experience it and letting others know they have been successful in spite of starting out feeling they weren’t good enough. Or that it came up at various critical times in their career journey and they were able to ride it out.

What sits behind those stories where someone has genuinely moved beyond feeling like an imposter, is a deeper story that is so much more than the quick fix that populates most of the articles on the subject.

The truth is, getting past the Imposter Syndrome is a journey and probably one of the most meaningful journeys you’ll ever undertake.

The syndrome has a huge impact on our self-esteem, confidence and our ability to live up to our own talent. It stops so many people who could have made it to the top, or even to more satisfying careers or businesses. It’s a very real problem. It doesn’t have to hold you back though. There is a path through it.

That path starts with unpacking the Why, What, How and What next of the Imposter Syndrome.

Don't let the Imposter Syndrome hold you back!

Discover the top 7 Challenges experienced by female entrepreneurs and business women ... and how to put them behind you.

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