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I know the Imposter Syndrome first hand. I know why it exists, how it arises, how we respond and what it costs us. I also know – from my own journey and extensive research – how to move beyond its grip to have the lives and careers we have the potential to experience.



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Help your talented employees understand how they
undermine their own performance

The way we perceive and talk to ourselves influences our capabilities, our actions and our outcomes. When we see ourselves as less than we really are, we deny our talents, skills and successes. We limit our ability to perform at the top of our game. According to research, 70% of people feel like a fake or fraud at some stage in their career and attribute their success to factors outside themselves such as good luck, good timing and other people’s mistakenly positive opinions of them. 33% of people experience those feelings of not being good enough frequently and intensely, causing them to undermine their own possibilities. This feeling is called the Imposter Syndrome.



Step beyond your Limitations

Public Workshop:
Learn how you may be undermining your own possibility and what to do about it.

Have you ever wondered why you’re not more successful, why you aren’t satisfied with your achievements, why you seem to work harder than everyone else to achieve the same outcomes, why you ignore compliments and place greater importance on criticism, why you aren’t happier with where you are in life, why your relationships don’t last or why you aren’t any closer to achieving your dreams than you were when you first defined them? If you answered yes to any of those scenarios, then you need to learn about a powerful yet simple self-sabotage pattern that keeps us small … the one that 70% of the population experience and keep secret: The Imposter Syndrome.



Step beyond your Limitations

Coaching: Group or One-on-One

Learning principles and applying them in the safety of a workshop provides a level of understanding of the way we may be supporting or undermining our performance and success. .Coaching provides the opportunity to unpack daily events in order to understand and dismantle the patterns that hold us back.

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