What lies beyond the Imposter Syndrome?



Moving beyond the Imposter Syndrome is a journey back to you … recognising who you truly are; accepting that you have wonderful talents and qualities; celebrating those talents and qualities; understanding that you, along with everyone else, has weaknesses or areas that aren’t encompassed by your talents and qualities. Who we are is enough. In fact, it’s pretty wonderful.

When we accept each of us brings our own unique brand of magic, we can allow ourselves and others to shine without feeling diminished by their light.

We are able to come from love, not fear in our interactions.

We can let go of all the fear-based behaviours such as self-protection, judgement, criticism, bullying, emotional disconnection, disengagement, scarcity of opportunities. We can let go of the notion that there is only so much work, money, love or whatever other currency we measure the success of our lives in.

Coming from love means we treat ourselves and others with love, respect, acceptance, curiosity rather than judgement, appreciating our diverse natures and cultures. We can embrace vulnerability and find our courage to continue to step forward even when it feels overwhelmingly uncomfortable. Coming from love places us in a position of gratitude for the amazing people, things and situations we experience.

We can slow our lives down when we recognise that working harder and faster isn’t the answer. Getting out of our own way is.

We can step up and take our place in the world. We can make our unique contribution to  families and friends,  colleagues and clients,  employers, our community however we define that, to our country, to the world.

When we see who we are and come from that space in our day-to-day actions, we leave a legacy to others; an example of what it means to be a spiritual being having a human experience.

The journey can be challenging, no question about it. You may have times of wishing you’d never started. And you will have times of immense joy. You will certainly feel alive!

Are you ready to be  you?


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